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 10 Amazing USB Flash Drives

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PostSubyek: 10 Amazing USB Flash Drives    Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:34 pm

The demand for USBs is constantly increasing. It is also one of those commodities that have been “embellished” to make customers buy them. So enough with the introduction, here is the top ten coolest USB Flash drives available in the market today.

1. The Bottle Opener/USB Flash Drive

Coming in at just a little less than US $44 the TrekStor SB-Stick with Bottle Opener is one of the weirdest yet coolest USB flash drives you’ll ever see. It serves the purpose of opening bottle caps and also acts as a USB drive with a 25 MB/sec reading speed and a 12 MB/sec write speed. The storage of this product ranges from 1 to 16 Gigabytes.

2. The Hamburger USB Flash Drive

The Hamburger USB Flash drive is a USB shaped in the form of a miniature hamburger. The USB can store up to 1 Gigabyte of data. The drive comes for US $19.99.

3. UBS Hidden Flash Drive Watch

First of all, yes it is a USB attached to a wrist watch, and it is a fairly good looking watch. The USB drive fits into the watch, and the watch is made of stainless steel and mineral glass. The USB drive stores four Gigabytes of information and the entire thing costs only US $49.99.

4. World’s Tiniest USB Flash Drive

The smallest USB drive in the world is the Pico USB Flash drive. Costing US $ 24.99 the flash drive is 4mm in width and has a very shiny look about it. Its capacity is eight gigabytes, which are a lot for something so tiny.

5. USB Flash Drive/Lighter

This ultra cool device is called the USB Flash Drive Lighter, and it is a light and a USB flash drive at the same time.

The USB can light cigarettes and store eight Gigabytes of data. Its price is a mere US $50. The slot that connects the USB drive to the port is situated at the bottom of the lighter.

6. Football USB Flash Drive

The USB in the shape of a football is a very cool flash drive to own. It costs US $19.99 and has a capacity of 1 Gigabyte.

7. Pizza USB Flash Drive

The Pizza USB Flash drive is a USB attached to a pizza or something made of plastic that looks like a pizza. This USB too comes for US $19.99.

8. USB Flash Drive/Eraser

Give a deceptive guise to your USB Flash drive by purchasing the Eraser USB Memory Stick. From the external side of it, it looks completely like an Eraser. The Flash drive costs US $10.99.

9. USB Flash Drive Wrist band

With the new USB Flash Drive Wrist band in town, you don’t need to find a place to keep your USB all the time. The wrist band/USB comes in red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange and costs US $13.99. The wrist band keeps the USB drive safe and keeps it safe at the perspiration of the one wearing the wrist band.

10. Light bulb USB Drive

The light bulb USB flash drive is a USB that is attached inside a light bulb. Its costs US $19.99 and stores 1 Gigabyte of information.
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10 Amazing USB Flash Drives
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